Axillary breast correction

What is axillary breast tissue?

An extra tissue fragment developed near the axilla apart from the normal breast is called axillary breasts. This is a condition seen mostly among women. It may be unilateral or bilateral.

Why do the patient need surgery?

Axillary breast causes:

How to correct this problem?

Axillary breasts can be treated with surgical methods. There are two main surgical methods for correcting axillary breasts. They are- Excision and Liposuction. The method is chosen depending upon the severity. In certain cases, the surgeon may choose both the methods.

What is done during the procedure?

Incision for this procedure made in the natural axillary crease and excess fat from the concerned area is removed by doing liposuction. After that, skin and breast tissue will be isolated and removed. For this, a deep dissection will be made. After completing the procedure, the site will be covered with bandage and dressing.

How many days patient should stay in the hospital?

Patient should stay one night in the hospital

Is the scar visible postoperatively?

Since the scar will fall in the axillary fold it will not be visible postoperatively.

What are the postoperative instructions given to the patient?

Patient should wear sports bra to compress the excess loose skin in the axilla for 6 to 8 weeks to get good aesthetic result

What are the complication of this procedure?

Infection, Bleeding, Swelling are the risks in the immediate postoperative period. Scar is the another complication in the late postoperative period.

When the patient may return to her normal activity?

Patient may return to her normal activity after 10 days.