Areola size reduction

What is areola?

The areola is the dark and pigmented skin around your nipples. These patch of skin may come in all shapes and sizes just like your breasts.

What are the causes for enlargement of areola?

The enlargement of the areola may be due to the following causes:

Who can be a Candidate for Areola Reduction?

Most often, women who had given birth and have enlarged areola are the candidates for the procedure. This procedure also recommended to women who have a disproportionate breasts and areola.

When can you undergo the Procedure?

Best time to undergo this procedure is after stopping the breast feeding and not going to breast feed anymore after the procedure.

What is done in this procedure?

Markings done before the procedure for the size which the patient wants.

Done under local anaesthesia, procedure takes 90 mins to 120 mins.

Excess areola is excised all around and suturing done circumferentially.

It is a day care procedure, and patient discharged in the evening on the day of the procedure.

Scar will fall in the border of areola which will fades on time.

What are the expected postoperative complications?

Loss of sensation. During areola reduction surgery, doctors leave the center of your nipple in place to reduce the risk of sensation loss. You may have a temporary loss of sensation during the healing process, but this is rarely permanent.

Scarring. There will be a scar running around the outer edge of your areola, and the severity of this scarring varies. Sometimes the scar fades so much it’s nearly invisible, other times it can be very noticeable. Scars are often darker or lighter than the surrounding skin. Some scars can be improved with areola tattooing.

Infection. You can drastically reduce your risk of infection by following your aftercare instructions carefull.